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✔ A resident of Howard County

✔ Age 60 or over

✔ Ambulatory*

*NOTE: Neighbor Ride has a partnership with Winter Growth that offers a limited capacity of wheelchair accessible flu shot rides.


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Sign up to receive your flu shot ride, access the forms below, Print, Complete and Return it or call 410-884-7433 to have forms sent to you.

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Once your form has been received and processed, you will receive a call indicating you can schedule your FREE flu shot ride.

NOTE: Please let us know if you require wheelchair accessible transportation when scheduling your ride.

Please note: Free ride is subject to volunteer driver availability. To sign-up for ongoing Neighbor Ride service, additional steps are required.  Please call the office at 410-884-7433 for more information.

“My driver was such a nice fellow.  He was so compassionate and concerned about my health and well-being even though he didn’t know me.  It was a pleasure to be with someone with that much integrity.”